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Utah Tax Refund Calculator

You have money withheld from every paycheck. Some of this money is an estimate of what your end of year tax will be. You may end up owing more, or end up getting a refund. This calculator will make an estimate of what you will get or owe for Utah State Income Taxes.

This particular screen lets you input information on your income and withholding for one job. If you (or a spouse) has another job you should fill out one of these screens for those too (since your final tax bill is based on ALL your incomme). Just click the Next Employer button for each paycheck.
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Will you get a REFUND or OWE money at the end of the year?

Grab your latest paystub and use this calculator to make a quick estimate.
Tax Year:
Employer #1 Paystub
(When year is complete use your last pay stub and set pay periods remaining to 0)
  This Check? Year-to-date?
Gross Pay Per Pay Period:
Pre-tax Amount:?
State Income Tax Withheld:
Pay Periods Remaining in Tax Year:?
When you have entered all paycheck information, press Continue Continue >
For the best estimate you will need information from all your families employer's paychecks.
Please note that this calculator makes a ballpark estimate. If you need exact numbers or have a complicated tax situation this might not be for you.