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Balance Transfer Credit Card Analysis

Perhaps you got an offer to consolidate your debt with a new 'balance transfer' credit card.  It appears to offer a very low (perhaps 0%) initial interest rate.  This might be a good thing.  If you can really pay it off.  But, if you can't, look out!  It can get really, really expensive.
scale and credit card
Total Debt to put into New Credit Card($):
Maximum Monthly Amount you could pay on this debt($):
Balance Transfer Fee (%)
(as percent of transfer amount):
  Balance Transfer Fee Minimum Amount ($)
(larger of this entry and percentage will be used):
Initial Interest Rate(%): %
Initial Interest Lasts for this many Months:
Is initial interest listed as DEFERRED INTEREST
Final Interest Rate(%): %
Minimum Payment Each Month (%)
(as percent of balance):
Minimum Payment Amount ($)
(Larger of this entry and percentage will be Used):
To see Calculation Results you must have both Total Debt and Maximum Payment Amount Filled Out.