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Mortgage Refinance Analysis

If you are a home owner you probably constantly get ads proposing that you refinance your home. How do you know if it is a good idea or not? This calculator helps you make that decision. Carefully fill in the required information and then press calculate. The result page will have a graph showing your net gain month-by-month. As long as the graph is above zero in the time frame when you plan to sell you are ok to refinance.
Use this calculator to see if you would come out ahead converting your current Fixed Rate or ARM mortgage to a new Fixed Rate Mortgage
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.....Existing Loan Information.....
Existing Loan Balance Now:
Existing Loan Original Term in Years:
Existing Loan Annual Interest Rate?: %
Existing Loan First Payment:
Check if you've already made your payment this month:
Check if existing loan is variable rate:
.....New Loan Information.....
NEW Loan Will End (in Years)?:
Interest rate of NEW Loan: %
Discount POINTS Charged on NEW Loan: $
  Or %
Closing Costs Rolled Into New Loan:
Closing Costs to be Paid By You: