W4 Personal Allowance Worksheet
Use this worksheet to set up the number of allowances you will claim on your W4.
A Check box if no one else claims you as a dependent:
B Check box if you are single and have only one job; or if you are married, have only one job, and your spouse doesn't work; or your wages from a second job or your spouse's wages (or the total of both) are $1,500 or less:
C Check box for your spouse. But you may choose not to check if you are married and have either a working spouse or more than one job.:
D Enter number of dependents (other than your spouse or yourself) you will claim on your tax return:
E Check box if you will file as head of household on your tax return:
F Check box if you have at least $2,000 of child or dependent care expenses for which you plan to claim credit:
G Number eligible for Child Tax Credit:
You are Single and Income Under $70,000:
You are Single and Income between $70,000 and $84,000:
You are Married and Income under $100,000:
You are Married and Income between $100,000 and $119,000:
H Total Allowances (based on your answers to A through G:
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New York IT-2104 Allowance Worksheet
Part 1
6 Number of dependents (other than your spouse or yourself) :
7 College Tuition Credits
8 New York State Household Credits
9 Real Property Tax Credits
10 Number of Child and dependent care credits to claim on state return
11 Number of earned income credits to claim on state return
12 Number of Empire State child credits to claim on state return
13 Other Credits
14 Check box if Head of Household and only one job
15 Estimate yur federal adjustments to income
17 Line 1 of IT2014 - Number of Allowances
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.....Federal W4? Information.....
Federal W4 Withholding Status:
Federal W4 Allowances:
W4 Allowance Worksheet  
Federal W4 Additional Withholding Amount:
.....New York IT-2104? Information.....
New York IT-2104 Withholding Status:
New York IT-2104 AllowancesWorksheet:
New York IT-2104 Additional Withholding Amt:
Local Tax Location
Local Allowances
Local Additional Withholding Amount:
.....Paycheck Income.....
Employee Type:     Salaried
Gross Salary per Pay Period:
Income to be taxed as supplemental income?:
.....Paycheck Deductions.....
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Before Tax Cafeteria Plan Benefits?:
After Tax Deduction?:
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