2022 W-4 Help for Sections 2, 3 and 4
(Latest W-4 has a filing status line, but no allowance line. Instead you fill out Steps 2, 3, and 4.)

W-4 Cheat Sheet only supported for year 2022 and if you are using the latest W-4

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North Carolina NC-4 Allowance Worksheet
State Filing Status

The default is NO Allowances. You can fill Part II below to see if you should claim allowances.

NC-4 Allowance Worksheet Part II
Schedule 1 Estimated N.C. Itemized Deductions
Qualifying Mortgage Interest:
Real estate property taxes:
Charitable Contributions (Same as allowed for federal):
Medical and Dental Expenses (Same as allowed for federal):
Itemized Total (after limits)
Schedule 2 Estimated Child Deduction Amount
Adjusted Gross Income:
Number of Children under age 17:
Schedule 3 Estimated Federal Adjustments to Income
Health savings account deduction:
Moving expenses:
Alimony Paid:
IRA deduction:
Studen loan interest deduction:
Certain business expenses:
Estimated State Deductions from Federal Adjusted Gross Income
20% of prior bonus depreciation addback:
20% prior section 179 addback:
amount by which North Carolina basis of property exceeds federal:
Itemized plus federal adjustments
Schedule 4 Estimated State Additions to Federal
Estimate of your nonwage income(such as dividends or interest):
Shareholders share of built-in gains tax:
Amount by which federal basis of propercy exceeds NC:
Amount of gross income from domestic production excluded under section 199:
Amount excluded from the taxpapers gross income undcer Section 108:
Adjustment for bonus depreciation:
Adjustment for section 179 expense deduction:
Sum of nonwage income and state additions
Schedule 5 Tax Credit Information
Adjusted Gross Income:
Tax Credit for Income Taxes Paid to Other States:
Children eligible for Credit for Children:
All other Credits:
To be answered if Married Filing Jointly
Spouse expects zero wages and no taxable retirement benefits
Spouse expects wages and taxable pensions of more than $1 but less than $3750
Spouse expects to have wages and taxable pensions of more than $3,750 but less than $6,250
Spouse expects to have wages and taxable pensions of more than $6,250
Total Allowances
Cancel Use Total Allowances
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Federal and North Carolina Payroll Withholding

.....General Information.....
For Payroll in Tax Year:
Pay Periods per Year:
(Optional: Use Pay Period )
.....Federal W4? Information.....
Federal W4 Withholding Status
W-4 Cheat Sheet:
Check if You have filled out the Latest W4:
Federal W4 Allowances:
Additional Withholding:
Check if Nonresident Alien:
.....North Carolina NC-4? Information.....
State Withholding Status:
North Carolina Claimed Allowances :
State Additional Withholding Amount:
.....Paycheck Income.....
Employee Type:
Gross Salary per Pay Period:
Income to be taxed as supplemental income?:
.....Before Tax Retirement Deductions.....? Show More Inputs 
.....Before Tax 125 Plan Deductions.....? Show More Inputs 
.....After Tax Deductions.....? Show More Inputs 
Check if you want Social Security Withheld:
Check if you want Medicare Withheld:
Gross Salary YTD?
(Do not include this paycheck)