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New Refrigerator Payback Calculator

See how long it would take to payback your investment in a new refrigerator.
Things you might need to recognize

Old Frig
amps used sticker
New Frig
energy guide sticker
The yellow sticker will be on new refrigerators and you want to note the yearly kwh number.
The other sticker you should find on (usually inside) your old refrigerator and you want to note the peak amps used.
General Information
Your Zip:
(needed for Tax Credit and electric cost)
Your Electricity Cost in © per KWH: ©
Your Existing Refrigerator Information
Peak Amps of Existing Refrigerator:
(From Sticker in OLD refrigerator; usually found INSIDE)
(or Select Refrigerator Age )
Old Refrigerator Annual Filter Replacement Cost:
Your New Refrigerator Information
Estimated Yearly Electricity Use:
(on yellow tag attached to new refrigerator)
Cost of New Refrigerator:
Tax Credit or Utility Rebate:
(Rebate Info Tax Credit Info)
New Refrigerator Annual Filter Replacement Cost:
Do you need a filter? See our note here
Results will appear here