Withholding 32  
Withholding 32 is a 32 bit DLL which will calculate Federal, State, Local and Canadian Payroll Withholding.  It's calculation function can be called by your Visual Basic, Delphi or C++  32 bit application.  Withholding 32 is easy to use and comes with complete documentation.

In addition to complete Federal payroll withholding tables, Withholding 32 contains up-to-date payroll withholding tables for all states which have income tax withholding.  In addition, local withholding is supported for Colorado, Delaware, Indiana County, Maryland County, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania School/Local and Ohio School/Local.  Withholding 32  also calculates AEIC, FICA and Medicare withholding.  

Canadian Federal and Provincial Withholding are also supported.

Supplemental Withholding Calculations supported.  A 64 bit version is also available.

Withholding 32 is being used right now all over the United States.  Perfect for payroll programs or insurance and financial analysis programs which need information on client taxes for calculation purposes.

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