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Federal and Georgia Payroll Withholding
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Date: July 5,
W4 Information
Federal Filing Status:
Federal Allowances: 0
Filing Status:
Allowances: 0
Pay Periods Per Year:
Gross Pay: 0.00
Supplemental Pay: 0.00
- Pretax Retirement Deduction: 0.00
- Cafeteria Plan Deduction: 0.00
- Aftertax Deduction: 0.00
- Medicare Withholding: 0.00
- FICA Withholding: 0.00
- Federal Withholding: 0.00
- Withholding: 0.00
Take Home Pay:$0.00

Most Recent Comments
admin 2014-07-29 10:18
we have removed your name for safety. if you are paying estimated taxes on this income you are probably ok.
2014-07-29 10:00
no taxes are taken out my check i bring home every two weeks 952.00
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