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Federal and Quebec Payroll Withholding
Quebec and Federal DT1 Information
For Payroll in Tax Year:
Quebec Total Claim Amount:
Quebec pay period RPP contribution:
Amount for Workers 63 or older(Quebec TP 1015 Line 9):
Class A share Pay Period Contribution:
Class A contribution for number of pay periods:
Class A share Contribution FONDACTION(per pay period):
FONDACTION contribution for pay periods:
Federal Total Claim Amount:
Federal Additional Withholding Amount:
Your Paycheck Information
Pay Periods per Year:
Gross Salary Per Pay Period:
Before Tax Deductions:
Federal Labor Sponsored Corporation Deduction ?Be sure to enter the Pay Period amount:
(optional)After Tax Deduction 1:
(optional)After Tax Deduction 2:
(optional)After Tax Deduction 3:
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